I'm Ng Yi Lian of The Self Stylist. 

Welcome to my blog where I review, interview and think out loud about fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

I believe Self Styling is a way of life and our own aesthetics are prevalent in the choices we make every day — from picking our #ootd, lipstick and scent to decorating our homes and adopting positive mindsets.

I hope you enjoy my journey and I'll love more than anything to hear your thoughts so hop onto my social media pages below or write me here!

Self-Styling: What is it?

Self-Styling: What is it?

It's what we've been doing every day of our lives. We customise our daily routines - whether it's our daily outfits, skincare regimes or approaches towards life. No one's individual journey is the right or wrong path. We are simply different from one another and that's what makes us unique.

Self styling is about celebrating the uniqueness is all of us. When a fad (hello cold-shoulder tops and strobing!) is everywhere right now, it's hard to ignore it but why not bring it into our lives with our own personal takes?

I've been a self stylist for as long as I remember. Besides turning my mum's bangles into hoop earrings when I was three, while parading in her Scholl's heels in front of the OG fashion shows (does anyone still remember those?!) airing on the television, I've also pretty much customised my own career path.

Lifestyle magazine journalism is what I'd been doing most of my life, but I've also tried my hand at public relations, merchandising, costume jewellery design (I still fantasise about having the time to return to it one day), retail business consulting, trend forecasting, personal styling and floristry. I've managed to turn my love for styling and writing into different forms of occupations because I believe as long as you love what you do, you'll naturally be good at it.

I believe as long as you love what you do, you’ll naturally be good at it.

Through the Self Stylist, I'll share my own perspectives on different fashion trends, beauty products/treatments and even life lessons. After all, writing about my personal thoughts was what spurred me to start blogging over a decade ago, and my love for personal connections is the reason why I love interview profiles throughout my journalism career. 

In this digital age of social media and the very real risk of oversharing, it is a scary notion to share and write earnestly. But as the name of this blog depicts, one has to be honest with one's self in order to stylise our wardrobes or mindsets, so yes, I will write as personally as I can muster!

I hope you will engage with me on this self-styling journey and feel free to leave comments (or if you feel shy, email me) and let me know what topics you'll like me to explore. Till the next post!

In Conversation with... Zaim Kamal,                          Creative Director of Montblanc

In Conversation with... Zaim Kamal, Creative Director of Montblanc